FleuraMetz USA, LLC

Phone: 213.988.7417 / Fax 213.988.7419

Email: losangeles@fleurametz.com

Contact: Hans Boer

Website: http://www.fleurametz.com/en-US/Services1/Cash-Carrys/Los-Angeles/

Stall: 32

Vendor Specialty:

Dutch Imports

Business Description:

FleuraMetz USA can be considered one of the premier suppliers of cut flowers in the USA. The wide assortment of cut flowers available from all over the world is unmatched. With its team of dedicated Account Managers, florists have a wealth of knowledge and service at their disposal. In addition to selling cut flowers, FleuraMetz also has a range of hard goods.

Product Description:

FleuraMetz has its roots in the Netherlands. Dutch flowers are still an important feature in our range. FleuraMetz buys directly from growers and through all the FloraHolland auction houses in the Netherlands on a daily basis. We also buy stock through the Plantion and Rhein-Maas auction in Herogen.