Rudy’s Plants


Phone: 562.455.6404


Contact: Rudy Villarreal

Stall: 9

Vendor Specialty:

Indoor plants

Business Description:

Wholesale nursery

Product Description:

Ornamental and flowering potted plants. In business over 50 years. The business was started by Kanji and Takeo Yuge as Yuge Bros. Nursery. After a while, the brothers chose to have separate nurseries and the name was changed to K. Yuge Nursery. For most of this century, the nursery has been run by the elder son, Steve. During most of the lifetime of the business, the business side was handled by Kanji’s wife, Yukiko, while Kanji handled growing and planning. The business has been blessed with extremely loyal employees. Both foreman, Hipolito and Rutilio have been with us over 40 years and the former is a second generation employee. Rudy Villarreal took over the business in 2014 and changed the name to Rudy’s Plants.