Saint Germain Flowers

Phone: 213.626.8761 


Contact: Fausto Orellana, Leticia Centeno


Stall: 24

Vendor Specialty:

Roses and Lilies

Business Description:

The original importer of premium Ecuadorian roses getting its start in the flower market nearly 30 years ago, St. Germain Flowers has continued to be the floral and entertainment industry’s first choice for the highest quality products available year round. The rose varieties available here are among the most coveted colors in the world and often set the trend for what is to come next season. A perfect blend of quality, integrity and consistency keep customers coming back time and again. Standing orders are a specialty here, but walk-ins are always welcomed.

Special orders require two weeks advance notice to ensure quality and freshness when you need it, at a price you can afford. 

Product Description:

Premium Ecuadorian Roses shipped directly from the farm via LAX, not trucked from Miami. This shipping method allows for optimal freshness and longer lasting blooms.

Premium California Grown Lilies has quickly become a staple at St. Germain Flowers. Oriental, hybrid and, of course, the enchanting Casablancas are perennial crowd pleasers.

Seasonal selections include Hydrangeas, Orchids and Lilac. Varies season to season.