Celebrating Fall



Now that we officially entered fall, let's celebrate and be festive! We compiled a few Halloween, DIY projects you can enjoy with family and friends. Not into Halloween? We've got other fall inspirations as well!

All of these pumpkins and fall florals you see here can be found at our market, The Southern California Flower Market.

Chinese Lanterns — available @socalflowermarket

Chinese Lanterns — available @socalflowermarket

Bitter Sweet — available @socalflowermarket

Bitter Sweet — available @socalflowermarket


DIY Inspirations

Halloween + Fall Inspired


for those who feel like being challenged and ambitious — below are a few ideas that truly a work of art.


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from the Southern California Flower Market

Halloween DIY projects

It's almost that time of year again.. Halloween that is!

Whether you are going trick-or-treating or attending fun festivities throughout the weekend, it doesn't hurt to spice up your home or office with fun decor.

We've collected a few inspiration and DIY projects from the talented HOMEY Oh My!

Enjoy and don't forget to stop by our market to buy floral arrangements and pumpkins for your festivities.