Season of Giving

Win FREE PARKING (742 Maple)

Over the past few months, we chatted with local florist and designers we frequently see at our market and asked what kind of freebie they would like if we had a contest.

Majority said FREE PARKING. 

How to enter:

  1. YELP — Review on Yelp: (photos are encouraged but not mandatory and will not help or hurt your chances of winning)
  2. FACEBOOK — Like our page AND write a review (photos are also encouraged but not mandatory)

*Every Sunday in December, we will be announcing (one) lucky winner to free parking for one month! (total of 3 winners)

**The winner will be contacted separately.

***Shop away and enjoy free parking at 742 Maple for a month!


Fill out the form below and we will get back to within 2-5 business days!

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    Celebrating Fall

    Now that we officially entered fall, let's celebrate and be festive! We compiled a few Halloween, DIY projects you can enjoy with family and friends. Not into Halloween? We've got other fall inspirations as well!

    All of these pumpkins and fall florals you see here can be found at our market, The Southern California Flower Market.

    Chinese Lanterns — available @socalflowermarket

    Chinese Lanterns — available @socalflowermarket

    Bitter Sweet — available @socalflowermarket

    Bitter Sweet — available @socalflowermarket


    DIY Inspirations

    Halloween + Fall Inspired


    for those who feel like being challenged and ambitious — below are a few ideas that truly a work of art.


    Visit our Pinterest boards (click here) for more ideas.



    from the Southern California Flower Market